eczema friendly vegetables

Spring Organic Veg Delight

Eczema Friendly Vegetables

This delicious, quick and easy eczema friendly vegetables dish is a favourite for a nourishing lunch or dinner time meal! It has vibrant colours which make it look inviting, oranges from the carrot, light greens from the celery and yellow flesh from the squash; it then it is really brought to life with the fresh green organic dill. It is important to eat herbs in small amounts, if your eczema is in a flare up phase it is best  to avoid using green herbs in food. If your eczema is mild it is wonderful  to get the beneficial nutrients from herbs into your diet. Get the complete list of which herbs are friendly and unfriendly while you have eczema in the Eczema Busting Foods here.


1 Organic Leeks
5 Organic Spring Onions/ Shallots
3 Organic Carrots
½ bunch of Organic Celery
3 Organic Yellow Squash
½ Cup of filtered purified water
1-2 Tbsp’s of Rice bran oil

1 Cup of Organic Rice
2 Cups of filtered purified water

1 sprig of Organic Dill
¼ Cup of Organic Rice milk

Unrefined Salt


This has to be the easiest recipe! First prepare the rice, rinsing it and then cooking it by the absorption method.

While the rice is cooking, chop up all the veg into small pieces, peel the skin of the squash if you have severe eczema and just use the flesh, if you have mild eczema you can keep the skin on. In a saucepan, on medium heat, cook the celery, leeks and carrots in about ½ Cup of water to soften, once the water has evaporated, add the rice bran oil, squash and spring onions. Sauté until the veg turn a lovely soft brown, which is when the flavour really comes out of the veg. Add salt to taste. Keep warm on the lowest heat until the rice is ready, be careful not to char the veg.

When the rice has absorbed the water, add just a ¼ cup of rice milk to the rice and cook for a further 3-5 minutes, this makes the rice a little creamy.

Serve together with a sprinkling of fresh dill, organic or homegrown is best. Enjoy!


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