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Mojito Organic Fruit Salad

Eczema Friendly Fruit Salad

This eczema friendly fruit salad is so refreshing, light and tasty! It sings summer notes and is a perfect breakfast fruit salad or an enjoyable palate cleanser for during the day. Papaya is a key fruit to include in your diet as often as possible as it nourishes the liver and helps to improve the quality and appearance of your skin. Pears are the perfect addition to an eczema friendly fruit salad that is served with lime, as the sweetness from the pear balances out the tangy lime juice. Finally the banana is such a nourishing feel good fruit that provides essential vitamins to assist the body in the eczema repairing process. Yum! Eating a delicious bowl of fruit is an easy way to heal eczema naturally!


Mojito Fruit Salad2 Organic Banana’s
1 Organic Red Papaya
2 Organic Pears
1 sprig of Mint (organic or home grown)
1 Organic Lime


Cut the pear and papaya, and slice the banana’s and place in a large salad bowl. If your eczema is mild, select about 4 fresh mint leaves and place in a blender with the juice from 1 lime. Blend until the mint is well chopped. If your eczema is in a flare up phase it is best to omit the mint from this fruit salad.

Pour the mojito juice over the fruit salad and mix through. Enjoy!


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