Eczema Relief Tea

“Feel Good” Eczema Relief Tea

Oh how much I love this “feel good” eczema relief tea! It has special healing herbs that are gentle, nourishing and healing for eczema. I drink an eczema relief tea blend everyday while I have eczema. I drink an eczema relief tea blend everyday while my children or babies have eczema, either enjoying a cup with them or drinking it to pass through my breast milk.

Each morning I fill my cooking pot with select herbs and add enough purified water to last for 4 or 5 cups for the day. I turn my stovetop up to a medium heat and once it is simmering I reduce the heat to low. At the low heat I let the tea simmer for at least 20 minutes before drinking.Eczema Relief Tea


Herbs for the “Feel Good” Eczema Relief Tea blend:

1 tsp = 1 part

Please use organic dried herbs where possible.

Red Clover (strengthens the nervous system) 3 parts
St John’s Wort (releases muscular tension and repairs nerves) 2 parts
Burdock Root (nourishes skin and liver) 1 part
Oat Straw* (rich in B vitamins, calcium and magnesium to soothe the nervous system) 2 parts.

*If you are celiac you should omit the Oat Straw from this recipe as it may contain gluten fragments. If you are gluten intolerant you may be able to drink Oat Straw without a reaction. Test a small amount first before making your first batch of tea.

How much of each herb do I use?

You can follow the formula above but I always use my herbs on an as needs basis. So for example, if I feel I really need to get my eczema under control I will use 2 parts of Burdock Root instead of 1. Or if I feel my muscles are really tense due to the stress of having eczema I will use 3 parts St John’s Wort instead of 2.

Your relationship with herbal teas will develop rapidly as your skin begins to repair. You will notice the difference in your skin and you will emotionally and mentally feel better, particularly with this blend which is very calming on the nervous system. Soon you will adore your herbal friends as they help you on your journey to heal eczema naturally.

I have been making myself eczema relief tea for years with a lot of success in my family. I am thinking of making eczema relief tea’s available for sale through my website, using my tried and tested recipes. Would you be interested in these teas? If so, please let me know by voting here…

Thank you!


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