FAQ’s On Healing Eczema Naturally

There are a whole world of questions that arise when you have eczema, or your baby has eczema, or your child or children have eczema. I hope that this page will help to answer a few of your questions to Heal Eczema Naturally. If you cannot find what you need below, please feel free to contact us.

If I follow your “Eczema Healing Tips” will my eczema go away?

Every body is unique and everyone’s eczema is also very individual. There is no guarantee that by following my ‘Eczema Healing Tips‘, that your eczema will go away. But if you follow 80% of the tips, I would expect you to have a degree of improved comfort. It is best to seek professional advice for all severe eczema cases. If possible select a health professional that is focused on using natural eczema treatments to heal eczema naturally.

Is there a specific diet that I should follow to heal my eczema naturally?

My way to heal eczema naturally is to eat at least 90%  Eczema Busting Foods and I also follow the Blood Type Diet* as well. You can eat as often as you need to, to support your own amount of energy output. As a side effect, weight loss may occur after eating foods from the Eczema Busting Food List for a period of 6-8 weeks as it encourages you to eat clean whole foods that are not packaged or processed.

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I am a breastfeeding mother, my baby has eczema, how do I heal his/ her eczema?

This is something I know a lot about! While my daughter was just a baby, only a few weeks old she developed eczema on her face. I was exclusively breastfeeding so it was important that I only ate eczema friendly foods and drank nourishing eczema relief tea‘s. I was amazed at how well and how quickly she responded to my food changes. As a baby, her eczema cleared within a few short days. NB: If you are bottle feeding, please contact your preferred health professional to discuss which formula will be the least aggravating for your baby’s eczema. Remember to avoid all products with corn and soy as these can cause eczema flare ups.

Are your eczema relief herbal tea’s safe for babies and children to drink?

Yes! My children both drank my eczema relief tea blends. My 1 year old daughter drinks an eczema relief tea in her bottle when she has eczema. I always fill her bottle half with eczema relief tea and the other half with purified water. My son, 6, does not have eczema any more but he still enjoys a cup of the Vitamin C boost blend.

How long does it take to heal eczema naturally?

Each indiviual case of eczema is unique so it will vary from person to person. In my son’s case, he had his first case of eczema when he was 2 years old. It took 6 months to heal his eczema completely and we have not seen it return. As for my daughter, she was a newborn baby when her eczema appeared and still 1 year later. I am managing her eczema with eczema friendly foods and my own blends of eczema relief tea. And for me personally, I have been healing my eczema naturally for years. I am eczema free in the warm humid summer months, however I do get eczema in the dry winter months. During this time I drink a lot of nourishing eczema relief tea‘s and ensure I am eating wholesome, organic eczema friendly foods. This keeps my eczema very mild and easy to live with. Read my full story here.

My baby has eczema, he/ she is eating solids, what should I feed them?

I highly recommend you download the FREE Eczema Busting Food List. It tells you all the foods that are friendly and unfriendly for eczema sufferers. I like to select organic produce and make my own baby mash vegetables. My favourite mix was blended potatoes, celery, chives (vegetarian version) and organic roast chicken. The celery is wonderful to repair and nourish eczema. I will be honest, eating out and buying food on the go is a challenge. So you have to be prepared. Meal prep on a Sunday, or whenever you get a chance. Fill up your own ‘squeeze packs’ and let your baby enjoy eczema friendly food no matter where you are.

What ‘eczema friendly’ party food can I make for my child’s birthday party?

You have to think creatively when it comes to party time! You need to use simple ingredients and dress them up! Make eczema friendly fruit kebabs, banana chews, eczema friendly cakes and muffins. I am always adding more recipes to my Eczema Friendly Recipe page, so keep checking in with me. Comment below our recipes and share your ideas too.

Once my eczema has gone, when can I start to eat other foods again?

This is a great question. So I start by adding one food in at a time. That way I can really test to see which foods I may have strong aversions to. I usually start with eating foods that are labelled “neutral” on the Eczema Busting Food ListIf I notice my eczema flare up, I back off that food and try again with a different food. If I still get a flare up, I know it’s time for me to stick with eating eczema friendly foods for a little longer. However, if my skin stays clear and I am able to reintroduce foods into my diet, I keep adding in more foods and I enjoy the feeling of being eczema free. To know what foods are eczema friendly or not, access the Eczema Busting Food List

How can I share my story on how I healed my eczema naturally?

We’d love to hear your story! The more we share with each other about natural healing methods, the more we can grow, learn and heal together. To send us your story click here.