eczema friendly chicken

Organic Thyme Chicken with Braised Leeks

Eczema Friendly Chicken Dish

Organic chicken provides your body with an eczema friendly protein that is succulent and it tastes great cooked with the amazing thyme herb, which is a daily staple herb in our home. This dish is simple and easy to make after a busy day at work or home, and the kids love it!

Chicken LeeksIngredients

2 Organic Chicken Breasts
4 Organic Leeks
1 clove of Organic Garlic
4 sprigs of Organic Thyme
¼ Cup of Organic Chicken Broth
¼ Cup of Organic Rice Milk
2-4 Tbsp’s of Rice bran oil
Unrefined Salt

1 Cup of Organic Rice
2 Cups of filtered purified water


First rinse and cook the organic rice, I always cook with the absorption method which is 1 part rice to 2 parts water, but cook it as you prefer.

Then prepare the organic leeks by peeling the outer most 1-2 layers (which are usually firmer and drier)  and then washing the remaining leeks thoroughly as dirt often gets between the layers of the leeks. Once clean finely slice the leeks and set aside.

Prepare the organic chicken breast by removing any excess fat, then coat with rice bran oil and season with salt. Heat a griddle pan to a medium heat and place organic chicken breasts on pan, lay over 2 sprigs of thyme over each breast. Cook gently on each side until brown on the outside and succulent and tender on the inside.

While the chicken is cooking place the prepared leeks in a shallow frying pan coated with rice bran oil and also add the chopped garlic. Cook on a low heat for about 3-5 minutes until the garlic and leeks are slightly browned. Add the chicken broth and the rice milk let the leeks simmer gently on a very low heat.

Once the chicken is cooked you can plate up your dish. First dish the rice, then scoop the leeks on top of the rice, make sure you get enough sauce on each plate to allow the sauce to seep through to the rice. Slice the chicken breast then place on top of the leeks. If your eczema is mild, take the sprigs of thyme that were cooked with the chicken and remove the leaves and sprinkle over the top, season with unrefined sea salt to taste.


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