Eczema friendly kids snack

Organic Lemony Banana Chews

Eczema Friendly Kids Snack

These eczema friendly tasty and wholesome snacks are great fun to make with the kids.  They taste really  good too! The texture of the bananas become chewy which is fun for the kids to eat. By slowly baking the bananas the sweetness is released, the sweet flavor’s are contrasted with the sour lemon juice. Yum! This Eczema Friendly kids snack is so enjoyable to eat.

Banana’s are a healthy eczema friendly food as the provide lots of potassium for a healthy functioning heart, which allows the body to work to it’s optimum to help heal eczema naturally.


Lemony Banana Chews1 bunch of organic banana’s
Rice bran oil
2-3 organic lemon’s


Cut the banana’s into pieces no more than 5mm thick. Lay them onto a baking tray that has been covered with a thin layer of rice bran oil. Squeeze the lemon juice over each and every banana piece. Place trays in the oven and fan cook at 100C for an hour and then take out of oven and turn the pieces over and cook again for another hour. Once cooked leave to cool before putting in a bowl to serve as a healthy eczema friendly snack.

They are nice and chewy and are a great hit at kid’s parties!!


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