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Eczema Friendly Crackers

Eczema Friendly Crackers? Product Review – Peckish Brown Rice Crackers

I was shopping in the supermarket the other week and my son said “hey Mumma would you like these?” At 6 years old, he clearly knows which products I am interested in. I go for products with natural whole foods inside, with minimal packaging fuss, and mostly those that are eczema friendly! So now to test them out, are these Eczema Friendly Crackers?

Eczema Friendly CrackersAlthough these are not organic, I could not put them back without giving them a try as the ingredients read: Brown Rice Flour, Rice Bran Oil (10%). This immediately struck me as the perfect eczema friendly “rusk” cracker for my teething 1 year old girl.

When we got home I put them to the test straight away, my son wasn’t that keen on them. But my daughter enjoyed nibbling away with one in each little hand and I felt great knowing they were eczema friendly, gluten free, palm oil free, baked not fried and had no salt added at all.

Eczema Friendly Dips

I made an eczema friendly hummus dip, and then my son enjoyed dipping in the hummus and eating the crackers. Please refrain from buying hummus from the store, it usually contains tahini which is an eczema unfriendly food. Sesame products should be avoided while you have eczema. It can also contain a number of preservatives and additives to keep the hummus fresh. Home made is always best!! 

I also make a herb pesto, with parsley as a base. This is best if you have mild eczema. If you have moderate or severe eczema, the salicylate in the parsley can be too aggravating; so it’s best to avoid at this time.

So I give these a 5 out of 5 eczema friendly star rating and recommend them highly for young toddlers with eczema. For a tastier snack, you could top with an eczema friendly pesto or a sesame free hummus, yum!

Stay tuned for more ‘Eczema Friendly or Not?’ product reviews coming soon…